8 thoughts on “Welcome to Sullivan County Intergroup!

  1. Please be advised that the Tuesday and Thursday mtgs in Ellenville are now at 12:15pm. Thanks. Also I like to echo Kit’s comment. Good work.

    Love and Service
    Wm. D.

  2. I failed to note that the Thursday 12:15pm Ellenville meeting is a Open Daily Reflections meeting, and that the name of the Tuesday and Thursday group is the Just for Today Nooner Group. Just a reminder the next Intergroup meeting is April 15th as per schedule. Thanks.

    Love and Service
    Wm. D.

  3. My grandparents, God bless their souls, had a farm in Sullivan Cty., and I’m moving to it from NYC. Trying to find AA up here is harder ‘an findin’ a needle in a haystack! I don’t know if it’s my browser (Chrome), but ny-aa.org does NOT have these meetings on its website – ny-aa.org barely has any meeting listed at all, it’s scandalous! Is it because all the sober drunks are moving to the City, just when I’m moving up here?!?! I have a meeting list from 2003 which is completely outdated I guess, including the email address for “George,” asking for updates, which no longer works either. The woman at the 866 hotline number could not tell me any more than I already knew – she pointed me toward that website ny-aa.org, that one that hardly lists any meetings. AA is not listed in the Sullivan Cty. phone book – all the numbers are for a rehab. The rehab (which I think is in Florida??) gave me the Liberty number 295-1010, that’s been disconnected for some time now. I called the local hospital, Grover Herman over in Callicoon – I’d thought medical professionals would or should have AA contact info, but nothing. This is not good! There is such a drinking problem in Sullivan Cty. (so I hear), aggravated by unusual economic insecurity (so I hear), can we make AA more accessible and visible to people who are not already well connected??? Important! Don’t you think?

  4. Another reminder that the Friday 8pm Ellenville meeting at the Ellenville Hospital no longer exists, and that the 12:15pm Ellenville meeting at the Trudy Farber building on Thursday has a open Daily Reflections meeting and the group is known as the Just for Today Nooner Group. Thank you.

  5. Much obliged for the notifications, and I’ve removed the (Fri., 8 PM) Ellenville meeting, though I do seem to have already gotten the (Tues./Thurs., 12:15 PM) notices. However, this gave me the chance to notice that I had the wrong address for them in Google Maps (was using the St. John’s address of 40 Market St.), so it was especially helpful. For checking on the Ellenville meetings, though, it seems my own URL should be http://www.simeetings.com/LA/NY/UlsterCtyMtgs.html. I hope my own contribution is of some use, and wish you all the best in your work. — Paul


  6. Marlene, please clarify … I currently don’t list an Ellenville Saturday meeting at St. John’s (http://www.simeetings.com/LA/NY/UlsterCtyMtgs.html), just one at the hospital. I do show ‘Multiple Formats’ for the Mon.., 6:30 PM meetings there (OD, Steps, BBS, Traditions). Do you want that changed to ‘Step Study, Traditions Study 1st Monday’? For my listings, you can also use the direct e-mail address above (s.i.meetings@gmail.com)., which might save these pages from getting over-crowded.

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