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Sullivan County Intergroup Association           P.O. Box 283 Liberty, N Y 12754

Sullivan Co. Area Meeting List    Revised Sept 7, 2017


24 hr Answering Service                (845) 234-4841

Other Area Phone Numbers          G.S.O.                  212-870-3400              S.E.N.Y.                718-828-9660

Internet Mtg List: www.ny-aa.org

Intergroup Meetingsare held on the 2nd Sunday at the First Presbyterian Church, corner of Main St. & Church St. in Liberty at 6PM.

Quarterly Booking Meetings begin at 5:30PM.                  Jan’ 4                    Feb’ 11                  Mar’ 11 5:30 Booking            Apr’ 8                     May 20*                 June 10 5:30 Booking               (No Mtgs July-Aug)                 Sept’ 9 5:30 Booking                  Oct’ 14                     Nov’ 11                   Dec’ 9 5:30 Booking               *One week after Mother’s Day, Following Spiritual Breakfast        LEGEND

Open–all welcome  Closed–alcoholics only                     O.D.–open discussion C.D.–closed discussion    Spkr=open speaker            Trad =Tradition  BB=Big Book                   St= Step Meeting  LS=Living Sober  DR=Daily Reflections      Anniv. = Anniversary-Open                       No smoking unless noted



Monticello                                   But for The Grace of God/12 O’clock High Group                                          10 Jefferson St.             Sunday Meditation


Liberty                                   United Methodist Church, 170 N. Main St.              CD


Bloomingburg                    Bottom of the Mountain Group                              Our Lady of Assumpt. Parish Hse.           Spkr.\Step

Callicoon                              Sunday Serenity                        St James Episcopal Church                                      Rt. 17 B, Across from Roche’s                           BB

Kerhonkson (Ulster)            Veritas Villa                            Left off Rt. 209 at light follow signs.                               OD


Bethel                                         Big Book Study Group                           Duggan School                  3460 Rt. 55                   White Lake, NY 12786    BB-CD

Rock Hill                             Sunday Serenity –  Ambulance Corps Building                            CD


Lackawaxen Pa.             Firehouse Across Robling Bridge                                    OD


12:00 Noon

Monticello                     But for The Grace of God/ 12 O’clock High Group                              15 St. John’s St.    DR/OD

Liberty                              Out To Lunch Bunch Group                       First Presbyterian Church                        CD Last Mon Anniv

             6:30 PM

Ellenville (Ulster)           St. John’s Market St. OD/ST/BB/Tradition

7:00 PM

 Grahamsville              From the Beginning   United Methodist Church                          350 Main St. (Rt.55)  OD

Monticello                   St John’s Church        15 St. John’s St.      Step Meeting

Narrowsburg              Faith Over Fear Group   St Francis Xavier Church                      151 Bridge Street      OD


Cuddebackville (Orange)       Foundation Group  Cuddebackville Reformed Church   Step/BB/Grapevine/Spkr

 Port Jervis (Orange)Green Memory Group  First Presbyterian Church                        OD

 TUESDAY MEETINGS       12:00 Noon

Monticello                   But for The Grace of God/12 O’clock High Group                            15 St. John’s St.   Spkr/CD


Ellenville     Ellenville Methodist Church 85 Canal St.        OD


Monticello                   But for The Grace of God/12 O’clock High Group                       10 Jefferson St.    BB


Callicoon         Callicoon-Cochecton Group                            St James Episcopal Church Rt. 17 B, Across from Roche’s OD


Livingston Manor   Manor of Living Group                   St. Aloysius Church  Church Street      CD/ BB      

Wurtsboro         Sullivan Street Group               Com. Church Hall (Behind Church)Begin/BB/Step/Anniv

Monticello           Puerta de Salvacion  10 Liberty St.      OD-Spanish speaking (till 10pm)


12:00 Noon   Monticello          But for The Grace of God/12 O’clock High Group          15 St. John’s St/Trad

        6:30 PM

Liberty         Courage to Change Group             United Methodist Church               170 N. Main St. Women’s Group

Callicoon       Steps to Sobriety   St. James Episcopal Church   Rt. 17 B, Across from Roche’s  Step/Tradition


White Sulphur Springs           Unity Group          Rt 52 United Methodist Church  BB/Lit/CD/Spkr, Anniv 4th Wed

Monticello         But for The Grace of God/12 O’clock High Group           15 St. John’s St.  Beginners


Otisville (Orange)Top of the Mountain Group                  Mt. Hope Pres. Church                OD


Grahamsville  Freedom Group     United Methodist Church              CD / Last Wed. Aniv.

Jeffersonville     Jeff First Steppers Group                  St. George’s Church Hall      O.D./Last Wed. Anniv.

Port Jervis (Orange)               1st Presbyterian Church              Step Meeting


 12:00 Noon

Monticello                            But for The Grace of God/12 O’clock High Group                                 15 St. John’s St.                  CTB


Ellenville                              Just for Today Nooner’s  Ellenville Methodist Church                              85 Canal St.                     OD (Daily Reflections)


Callicoon                             Early to Bed Group                                St. James Episcopal Church                              Rt. 17 B, Across from Roche’s               O.D./Speaker


Livingston Manor            Manor of Living Group                                St. Aloysius Church          Church Street                               CD (Literature Study)


Mountaindale                   At Firehouse            C.D./OD last Thurs.


Eldred/Yulan                 New Beginnings Group       St Anthony’s Ch. Hall        25 Beaver Brook Rd. Rt. 22 Alt. O.D./Speaker

Kerhonkson (Ulster)Veritas Villa                         Left off Rt. 209 at light follow signs.                               OD


            12:00 Noon

Monticello                 But for The Grace of God/12 O’clock High Group                          15 St. John’s St.            BB/CD


Ellenville (Ulster)       St. John’s                     Market St.                  CD


Hancock (Del)           Catholic Church Rt. 97  Fr. Rouch Hall OD

Woodbourne    Unlimited Sobriety Group                      Head Start Building-Rt 52 O-Beg/C-St/C-Trad/Ann/


Jeffersonville       Sobriety Unlimited Group                 Presbyterian Church                       OD

Lackawaxen, PA           Firehouse   across Robling bridge         Step-Trad-BB-BB

Monticello             Puerta de Salvacion     10 Liberty St.            OD-Spanish speaking (till 10pm)


Rock Hill                    We Paid the Price Group                     Methodist Church CD/Step/Topic/Anniv.





Callicoon                 Rise and Shine        St. James Episcopal Church                 OD


Monticello           But for The Grace of God Group        15 St. John’s St.  Beginners meeting


Monticello      Words of Wisdom Group   Presbyterian Church                 11 Jones St. Women’s Group OD


Liberty                   Liberty Group Presbyterian Church                 Beg. / Anniv. Last Sat.

Damascus. PA    Any Lengths Group Methodist Church Rt. 371 ½ mile past Cochecton Bridge  OD –Non Smoking



Please send corrections to:

P.O. Box 283  Liberty, NY 12754 or




Meeting List- Mar 2017_Page_1 Meeting List- Mar 2017_Page_2If you need information about Alcoholics Anonymous immediately

Call (845) 234-4841

The NY internet meeting list is at www.ny-aa.org

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